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March 10 meeting and in related conversations with federal prosecutors and investigators. The meeting was attended by representatives of the government, Wilson Foley, one of her lawyers and defense lawyers representing her husband, Brian Foley. Public court filings show that the argument over withheld evidence
Cheap jerseys from China grows from Wilson Foley’s insistence that she initially was not aware of the criminal conspiracy that Continue reading

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tests. Other tests: Fisher exact test and McNemar’s test. Chapter 13: Comparing two means. One sample z test. One sample t test. Student’s independent sample t test. Welch’s independent samples t test. Paired sample t test. Effect size with Cohen’s d. Checking the normality assumption. Wilcoxon tests for non normal data. Chapter 14: Comparing several means (one way ANOVA). Introduction to one way ANOVA. Doing it in R. Effect size with eta squared. Simple corrections for multiple comparisons (pos Continue reading

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Bartender shrinks: Yes, no, maybe so

In a recent study, Anderson et al. (2010) focused on outreach support for Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and found bartenders reported close family-like relationships with veterans who often shared their problems with them.  Eighty percent of the bartenders noted … Continue reading

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