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The Holidays Austrian Exclusive: River
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never have drafted Clark if they believed he struck his girlfriend. Schneider made those statements Friday and repeated them again in a radio interview Monday with 710 ESPN Seattle. He said in the radio interview that the team had three people investigate Clark background, and had concluded that it was punching a woman or striking a woman he would not have been on our board. Told later Monday of what Babson and Colie had said in their interviews with the Times, the Seahawks issued a statement saying the team conducted interviews with people directly involved with the case. other than Clark, the statement added, the team did not directly to any witnesses from that night. team investigation our organization with an in depth understanding of the situation and background, the statement said. Clark could not be reached for comment Monday. But his lawyer, Kenneth Bailey, issued a statement saying, want to assure you that based upon many conversations with Frank Clark, I am comfortable re affirming his prior statements

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Articles Connexes:

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  2. “In recent years, with the cuts in public education, the resources that are available for in house suspension programs or after school detention, for example, are just practically nonexistent. It’s very, very hard to organize something like that in the current budgetary climate,” Knapp says.

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