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Work and mental health: Some jobs aren’t worth having

Butterworth et al. (2011) found that unemployed people’s mental health fared better or were similar to that of people with poor quality jobs.  Poor quality work was defined as those with high demands, low pay, little autonomy, and low job … Continue reading

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Substance abuse and the elderly: The hidden epidemic

Schonfeld et al. (2010) reported 26% of older adults (average age 75) abuse prescription and over-the-counter medications, and 1% were involved in illicit drug use.   The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMSA) reported 17% of older adults abuse … Continue reading

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Smoking and mental illness: The silent killer

Why are people with mental illness dying 25 years earlier than everyone else?  People with a mental illness or a substance abuse disorder consume 44.3% of all cigarettes in the U.S. (Lasser et al., 2000).  Two hundred thousand of the … Continue reading

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Delaying the onset of dementia by helping men to help themselves

In a recent Mayo Clinic Study, Petersen et al. (2010) predict that 25% or more people 70 years or older will either have dementia or be at risk of developing it.  This is particularly alarming with the percentage of people … Continue reading

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Protecting your teen from cyber bullies

Cyberbullying among teens is a problem that deserves more attention, especially considering the overwhelming majority of teens using the internet. Eighty-four percent of teens reportedly own devices that provide access to the internet and each other (Lenhart, Hitlin, & Madden, … Continue reading

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