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Antonio Di Pietro Blog Archive Le famiglie tagliano le spese alimentari e sanitarie I dati Istat sul crollo dei consumi sottolineano il livello preoccupante della crisi economica in cui versa il nostro Paese. Sei italiani su dieci, infatti, hanno tagliato addirittura le spese alimentari e sanitarie. Si tratta di un segnale allarmante che indica solo una cosa: abbiamo raggiunto il punto di non ritorno. Purtroppo, ogni giorno passato è un giorno perso. Se il Governo non prenderà prov Continue reading

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Who needs a table

The crowd reflects the new flavor of Silver Lake itself yuppies happily mingling with old school artists and bohemians. Although the restaurant is earning a reputation as one of the best in its area, the owners were clever to create such an upscale bar and lounge. There’s absolutely nothing like it nearby. And there’s a huge profit margin in a successful bar, one that can offset a slow night in an adjoining restaurant.

Charles Burrows, a producer in hi Continue reading

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A Former WNBA Player Refocuses Eyewear E

eyeglass retailing by selling their own lines of prescription glasses for less than $100 online. Their vision (try on frames virtually, upload your prescription, then wait for them to be
discount ray bans shipped to you) attracted attention for its potential to disrupt the industry, long dominated by Luxottica Group (LUX), which owns such chains as Lens Continue reading

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Rego bill payments a welcome change

After completing a journalism degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast, I joined the Sunshine Coast Daily in 2010. As the Daily’s police reporter, the round is unprectible, diverse and challenging, but also exciting and is a dream position for me. In between heading to emergency incidents, I love getting the chance to write about amateur and professional theatre and the arts. I’ve also worked in various community roles at the Caboolture News Continue reading

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How to Develop Screenplay Ideas

Developing Screenplay IdeasMy well runneth in many directions!by Edward B. Toupin

Recently, I started a screenwriting and movie making group here in Las Vegas. Our objective was to begin at, well, the beginning of the process and work all the way through to an edited movie. Sounds easy?
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Substance abuse and the elderly: The hidden epidemic

Schonfeld et al. (2010) reported 26% of older adults (average age 75) abuse prescription and over-the-counter medications, and 1% were involved in illicit drug use.   The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMSA) reported 17% of older adults abuse … Continue reading

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Delaying the onset of dementia by helping men to help themselves

In a recent Mayo Clinic Study, Petersen et al. (2010) predict that 25% or more people 70 years or older will either have dementia or be at risk of developing it.  This is particularly alarming with the percentage of people … Continue reading

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